We take the privacy of
personal data very seriously

The protection of your privacy is very important to Crumbbase. This website provides information on the role of privacy in our services and what we do to protect personal data. This website also makes it possible to opt out from participating in any projects in which Crumbbase measures Wi-Fi data.

For what purpose are the Wi-Fi data measured?

Crumbbase supports their clients by measuring Wi-Fi data. The Crumbbase clients are managers or owners of physical locations (e.g. a shop). By measuring how many, how long and where Wi-Fi devices are in a location, the clients of Crumbbase gain better insight into the use of their location.

Which personal data is processed?

Each Wi-Fi device (for example your smartphone) has a 'MAC address' for unique identification on Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi sensors at the location of our clients measure the presence of the MAC address of your Wi-Fi device. Wi-Fi data is measured and immediately anonymised and encrypted before it is stored by Crumbbase in a protected environment.

How is your personal data protected?

As soon as Wi-Fi sensors detect your Wi-Fi data, the related MAC address is encrypted at the source. The encrypted MAC address is then immediately anonymised by an independent party. Crumbbase only receives the anonymised data, which cannot be traced back to an individual person. So, personal data is not stored or analysed. Crumbbase’s clients only get access to aggregated anonymous data. Crumbbase uses high security standards for data storage. The data centre used by Crumbbase complies with the ISO 27001 standard for data security.

How is the anonymised data processed further?

Crumbbase collects data for its clients. The client will provide further information on how they use the data. It is their responsibility, as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act.

If you prefer to opt out

If you do not want your Wi-Fi data to be collected, you can always disable the Wi-Fi of your Wi-Fi device while visiting a location. You can also easily opt out via this website from participating in any projects in which Crumbbase measures Wi-Fi data for its clients. If you decide to opt out, your MAC address is encrypted and stored by Crumbbase and your Wi-Fi data is excluded from data analysis.

If you do not want your device to be used in this way, you can opt-out by filling in your MAC adres at this page and your device will be not be used for future statistics. Your MAC address can usually be found here:

  • Android: Settings, About your phone, Status.
    iPhone: Settings, General, Info.

If you want to opt in again later, you can also enter your MAC address. You will be given the option to undo your opt-out.