How does our analytics system works?

Crumbbase senses smartphones Wi-Fi signals

Smartphones send a signal out as they search for Wi-Fi networks nearby. This signal include the smartphone's MAC address (a unique string of letters and numbers), signal strength, and other non-personally identifiable information.

Hoe smartphone
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Crumbbase captures, records and anonyms’ these Wi-Fi signals for analysis

Using our sensors, we record signals and send them to our cloud-based systems. To protect shoppers' privacy, we scramble each MAC address using a separate certified company that uses a unique hashing algorithm.

Crumbbase processes and stores data

Our advanced algorithms extract actionable insights from the data and store the results in a certified ISO 27001 secure datacenters.


Crumbbase delivers analytics reports to you via our web portal

Our web-based dashboard shows reports how customers move through the area, how long they stay, and how often they return and make it easy and convenient to measure and optimize your business.